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Below is an ongoing record highlighting notes from select GOOGL investor presentations and earnings calls (newest content shown first).

Third Quarter 2018 Earnings Call, October 25, 2018

  • 3Q revenue up 21% yoy and 22% on a constant currency basis
  • $385mm negative currency impact on a yoy basis
  • Cost of revenue including TAC up 28% yoy
  • Operating income up 7% yoy
  • Cash capex was $5.3Bn for the quarter and $7.9Bn of FCF in the quarter
  • TAC was 23% of total advertising revenue and was relatively flat yoy
  • Within cost of revenue, the biggest component is TAC (traffic acquisition cost). We expect sites TAC rate to increase yoy reflecting ongoing strength in mobile search
  • Within opex, prioritizing investments to support long-term growth and adding talent to technical roles, engineering, and product management
  • Sales and marketing expenses weighted towards back half of year, particularly 4Q
  • Capex – have a number of data center constructions in progress
  • Pixel 3 – camera includes “top shot” to isolate the best photo shot when taking a picture
  • Daily active users on Google Home devices up 5x
  • Google Assistant – expanded Assistant to 20 languages and 76 countries
  • Google Drive – crossed 1Bn monthly active users
  • Gmail – 1.5Bn monthly active users
  • Q&A with Financial Analysts
  • Believe direct response works well on Youtube as more people query topics directly in Youtube
  • We believe we can bring a best in class experience in hardware by marrying hardware, software, and AI
  • China – we deeply care about serving Chinese users. Launched mobile apps such as Google Translate and improved our developer tools there
  • Waymo – moved into very early days of commercialization so do have people paying for rides. Intently focused on safety first.  Expanding the program methodically.  Developing the B2B opportunity
  • Experimenting with new ad formats on Google Maps such as Promoted Places, Place page ads (appears on Google ads)
  • Opportunity in local search is large
  • Data center construction is increasing percentage of capex – building over 20 data center sites
  • Also investing in undersea cables
  • Macro – Felt pretty good about the strength globally. Across the board, 20% growth in the US.  30% yoy growth in APAC
  • Does Google need an on-premise strategy in a hybrid cloud world? We are thinking of how to do it better.  There are many situations we are in where on-premise is a big part of the solution, but with our partnership strategy, we have been able to fulfill that
  • GDPR in Europe – have always been focused on user privacy so have always tried to make sure products are in compliance, so that has helped us work through these changes